We are directly reaching out to consumers, while we offer you COMPLEMENTARY fitting. That’s how we bring you the savings and make our hearing aids affordable! We manufacture product from our own GMP certified facility in S.Korea.


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The Kleersound HI-40i is a premium Personal Sound Aids that automatically  boosts sound volume so that a person with hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities. A Hearing Aids can help people hear better in both quiet and noisy situations.

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A Hearing Aid has three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. The Hearing Aid receives sound through the microphone;  which converts the sound waves into electrical signals and sends them to the amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through the speaker.

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The circuitry in  the Kleersound HI-40i  series incorporates the best components available using modern FPCB(Flexible  Printed Circuit Board) with SMD(Surface Mount Device) technology to ensure product reliability and sound quality without electrical interference.

What are amplifiers? What are hearing aids?

What are the differences?

For the average consumer, hearing aids and amplifiers (A.K.A. Personal Sound Amplification Products : PSAP) could appear identical and could be confused between those two devices. Simply put,


While hearing aids require ‘customized fitting’, based on audiogram (hearing test), PSAPs do not.

Amplifiers make ALL sounds louder, unlike hearing aids, which can differentiate between sounds and amplify them based on the characteristics of that sound. Hearing aids are programmed to make speech easier to hear and decipher. While amplifiers (PSAP) tend to over-amplify ALL sounds, including sounds you don’t want to hear (i.e. background noise), and to fail to isolate voice frequencies well enough, high-quality digital hearing aids can NOT ONLY provide volume control BUT ALSO provide feedback cancellation and noise suppression because high-quality digital hearing aids use broadband technology and ­filter to precisely match ampli­fication to the individual’s unique hearing loss. That’s how high-quality hearing aids can provide more clear sound through customized fitting.


According to FDA, while hearing aids are for those who suffers from hearing loss, PSAPs are not.

Hearing aids are medical devices, intended to compensate for hearing loss, and they are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to an FDA draft guidance issued in 2013, amplifiers (PSAP) are “intended to amplify environmental sound for non-hearing impaired consumers (i.e recreational activities such as hunting and bird watching).” The draft guidance adds that amplifiers should not be marketed as hearing aid replacements. Amplifiers are not FDA-approved hearing aids. If you find an amplifiers manufacturer claims it can be used to assist the hearing impaired, remember that the FDA does not consider amplifiers (PSAP) to be medical devices and has not issued standards for them.

Why Kleersound?

Our products are FDA approved HEARING AIDS…NOT amplifiers.

We will provide COMPLIMENTARY customized fitting for you upon receipt of your hearing test result (audiogram) before shipment!


How can Kleersound be cheaper than other FDA approved Hearing aids?)

We are directly reaching out to consumers….while we offer you COMPLEMENTARY customized fitting. That’s how we bring you the savings and make our hearing aids affordable!

Hearing Aids typically cost between $2500 and $4000 apiece. Numerous studies indicate that over 30 millions of Americans are suffering from some degrees of hearing loss. However, only small percentage of them end up purchasing hearing aids because of ‘affordability’. We offer FDA approved high-quality digital hearing aids at the price of amplifiers (PSAP).


If I experience symptoms of hearing loss, should I consider hearing aids?)

YES. Absolutely. According to many studies, including a study by researchers from Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Aging, hearing loss is linked to accelerated brain tissue loss. (Please see)

If you are in denial for the fact you are experiencing hearing loss and choose to ‘deal with it’, you could expose yourself for the bigger health risk. Just as you wear eye-glasses in order to correct ‘blurry vision’ problem, you need hearing aids to correct ‘Hearing loss’ problem. Plus, our ‘in the canal’ products are barely noticeable!

How to order our products


Take free hearing test

Download ‘hearing test’ app on your smartphone (android or Apple) and take the hearing test, then email the test result (audiogram) to us (info@kleersound.com) in jpg file or PDF file.  Please be sure to include your name and address.  We will provide COMPLIMENTARY fitting before we ship it to you.

Visit Audiologist near you and get an audiogram after hearing test. Email us (info@kleersound.com) the audiogram in jpg file (or PDF file) and we will do fitting for you before shipping.


Our product

Kleersound Premium Hearing Aids are primarily useful in improving the hearing and speech comprehension of people who have mild to medium hearing loss. They are not intended to treat or cure hearing impairment diagnosed by a medical professional.

Can hear things better

My nephew loves music A LOT. He listens to music 24/7 through earphone. When he finally showed signs of hearing loss, I suggested hearing aid. Of course, he hated that idea and thought I was joking. Let me put it this way: If you can’t see things clearly, you put on a pair of eye-glasses with prescription. If you can’t hear things clearly, you put on hearing aids with personalized fitting. Simple as that. When I got him Kleersound hearing aid for Christmas gift, he agreed to at least give it a try. Luckily, he’s been less conscious about the ear piece since it is so small. Plus, he can hear things better. Most importantly, it didn’t cost me much and came out as good uncle.

Danny C

No brainer for me

As a person who has used number of hearing aids in my life, I find this is a bargain. Why would I spend over $4k on a hearing aid when I can get one for about 1/10 of it? Kleersound hearing aid still gets the job done. Its like choosing Japanese car over European super car. No brainer for me


Quick & Easy

I didn’t have to spend extensive time and extra money on hearing test. Quick online test and the hearing aid at my doorstep in no time. Easy


He loves about the size and quality

I noticed my dad showed all the symptoms of hearing loss past few years. He has turned up the volume of TV way too loud, wouldn’t respond when I called him, couldn’t understand me the first time and asked me over and over….When I suggested him to try hearing aid, he bristled at the idea. I knew he was in denial. After extensive research, I talked him into do online hearing test and got him Kleersound hearing aid. He loves about the size and quality & I love the price.


Can’t beat that

I bought couple of amplifiers before believing I would still be able to hear things better. YES, I could hear things more loud alright…everythings more loud including cars passing by and others talking on the phone…my head was spinning after forced to hear things I didn’t wish to hear. This time I got myself Kleersound hearing aid. I got the hearing aid that was programmed to adjust my hearing level….for the price I had paid for those amplifiers…same price for better quality…Can’t beat that!!


Love how it fits

Love how it fits. Love the price. On top of that, personalized fitting at no extra cost? Wow!! I’d recommend this to anyone who needs hearing aid!


1st time user of hearing aid

1st time user of hearing aid. Frankly, I wasn’t sure about this device for 1st couple of month…I felt bit dizzy and uncomfortable when hearing aid was in my ear. After consulting with the rep, I realized I didn’t follow their suggestion of increasing the usage gradually over the time. Now all good

Andy Y

She fell in love with Kleersound hearing aid

I have experienced hearing loss last few years due to ear infection. My mother is a longtime hearing aids user because of her hereditary hearing loss. She fell in love with Kleersound hearing aid for 1) size and 2) price. She thinks this hearing aid is as good as any hearing aid she has used before and MUCH cheaper. We both have used this product more than a year and happy with decision we made. Thank you, Kleersound!

702 story

The price is AMAZING

The price is AMAZING considering what the device offers…I don’t mean it is just cheap. In my opinion, it gives the most bang for buck among products I shopped around. I got this product for my grandma on her birthday last year and she has been very satisfied with it and we now have better conversation!


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Contact us

We can provide fitting based on any of your on-line hearing test results (PDF/JPG file)
Please e-mail us (with your name, shipping address, and phone number) to: info@kleersound.com
Go to ‘Playstore’ and type ‘hearing test’
1. Install and open ‘Hearing test’ (by e-audiologia.pl)
2. Select ‘new test’
3. Choose ‘Bundled headphones’
4. Choose ‘Calibration'
5. ‘Start’ and press/release button as the instruction suggested
6. Complete the test for both sides
7. Repeat the test a few times for more accurate result
8. Go to ‘Browse tests’ and press the test (date & time) you wish to submit for 5 seconds
9. Select 1st icon (‘pencil shape’) and type your name
10. Select 4th icon (3 dots’) and choose ‘send’
11. Email us (info@kleersound.com) with your name, phone number, and address
12. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.
Go to App store and type ‘hearing test’
1. Select ‘mimi hearing test’ by Mimi hearing technologies and download
2. Create ID and PW, then sign in
3. Click start
4. Adjust your earphone as suggested
5. Press/release button as suggested
6. Click ‘result’
7. Select ‘audiogram in PDF file’, then it will be sent to your e-mail address
8. Email us (info@kleersound.com) the result (in PDF file) with your name, phone number, and address
9. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.