We are directly reaching out to consumers, while we offer you COMPLEMENTARY fitting. That’s how we bring you the savings and make our hearing aids affordable! We manufacture product from our own GMP certified facility in S.Korea.


Kleersound LLC. is the first & only Hearing Aid Device Manufacturer offering industry a upto 64 channel OPEN-FIT, 100% digital-signal-processing (DSP) hearing aid. We far exceed the industry standard offering of 16 channels that top competitors currently support. Our parent company, Information Technology, is a leader in the development of ultra-miniature DSP semiconductors, embedded firmware and control technology for hearing devices, maintaining Kleersound’s leadership position in both performance and affordable price.

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Product Points

Affordable product to everyone

Open-fit structure (Buy-Wear to everyone)

Complementary customized fitting

Can be Used for anyone in the family

Best GIFT item to parents

100% Multi-Channel Digital Processing Technology

4 different Pre-programmed function

Noise Reduction & Squelch Function

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About us

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Contact us

We can provide fitting based on any of your on-line hearing test results (PDF/JPG file)
Please e-mail us (with your name, shipping address, and phone number) to: info@kleersound.com
Go to ‘Playstore’ and type ‘hearing test’
1. Install and open ‘Hearing test’ (by e-audiologia.pl)
2. Select ‘new test’
3. Choose ‘Bundled headphones’
4. Choose ‘Calibration'
5. ‘Start’ and press/release button as the instruction suggested
6. Complete the test for both sides
7. Repeat the test a few times for more accurate result
8. Go to ‘Browse tests’ and press the test (date & time) you wish to submit for 5 seconds
9. Select 1st icon (‘pencil shape’) and type your name
10. Select 4th icon (3 dots’) and choose ‘send’
11. Email us (info@kleersound.com) with your name, phone number, and address
12. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.
Go to App store and type ‘hearing test’
1. Select ‘mimi hearing test’ by Mimi hearing technologies and download
2. Create ID and PW, then sign in
3. Click start
4. Adjust your earphone as suggested
5. Press/release button as suggested
6. Click ‘result’
7. Select ‘audiogram in PDF file’, then it will be sent to your e-mail address
8. Email us (info@kleersound.com) the result (in PDF file) with your name, phone number, and address
9. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.