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Product Instruction

Product Manual


Quick Start Guide

battery instruction

Battery insertion

Open battery compartment door to 90 degrees only. More than 90 degrees may damage the door.

Hold yellow tap of the battery and insert the convex side(negative -) first so that the yellow tab(positive + ; ) is up.

When Battery is securely inserted, carefully remove the yellow tab from the battery

Wait 2 seconds and close the battery door firmly

If the battery is inserted with the wrong polarity, the door will not be closed. Do not try to close it by force; the battery door may break.

When battery is properly placed, gently hold Hearing Aids. You will hear a whistling sound(feedback) which indicates that the Hearing for use.

When replacing the battery, remove the used battery using the magnet located on the cleaning brush.

Selecting eartip

Remember, no two ears are exactly alike.

The eartip that is most comfortable is the best choice. However it must seal well to prevent feedback (whistling).

Select the right size eartip for your ear.

The package comes with 2 eartip sizes, regular (clear : preinstalled) and large(gray color)

When changing the eartip, make sure it fits securely on the stem of the device with the 2 ends firmly matched.

When you wear the Hearing Aids; you should feel comfortable and not hear continuous whistling sounds which indicate feedback.

If you hear a whistling sound even when the Hearing Aids is properly inserted, the eartip may be too small. Switch to the larger eartip.

If you feel uncomfortable and the Hearing Aids did not fully insert into the canal, switch to the smaller eartip.

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Putting it on

Hold unit as shown in picture A

Firmly insert unit to the ear canal as shown in picture B

Turn the amplifier 90 degrees as shown in picture C

Please ensure that the Hearing Aids sits securely and comfortably in the canal with smoothly rotating left and right.

Importance of a Deep Seal

A deep eartip seal will ensure the best performance of the device and prevents an occlusion effect* (hollow voice).

A deeply-seated eartip in the canal reduces the occlusion effect.

*The occlusion effect occurs when an object fills the outer portion of a person’s ear canal, and that person perceives “hollow” or “booming” echo-like sounds of their own voice. It is caused by bone-conducted sound vibrations reverberating off the object filling the ear canal. When talking or chewing, these vibrations normally escape through an open ear canal; most people are unaware of their existence. When the ear canal is blocked, the vibrations are reflected back toward the eardrum. Compared to a completely open ear canal, the occlusion effect can boost low frequency (usually below 500 Hz) sound pressure in the ear canal by 20dB or more.

This effect is often experienced by Hearing aid users who only have a mild to moderate high-frequency Hearing loss, but use Hearing aids which block the entire ear canal.

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phone image

Using Telephone

It is not necessary to remove the Kleersound HI-40i Premium Hearing Aids when you are using a telephone. So long as whistling sounds do not occur, the amplifier can remain in the ear during a call.

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We can provide fitting based on any of your on-line hearing test results (PDF/JPG file)
Please e-mail us (with your name, shipping address, and phone number) to: info@kleersound.com
Go to ‘Playstore’ and type ‘hearing test’
1. Install and open ‘Hearing test’ (by e-audiologia.pl)
2. Select ‘new test’
3. Choose ‘Bundled headphones’
4. Choose ‘Calibration'
5. ‘Start’ and press/release button as the instruction suggested
6. Complete the test for both sides
7. Repeat the test a few times for more accurate result
8. Go to ‘Browse tests’ and press the test (date & time) you wish to submit for 5 seconds
9. Select 1st icon (‘pencil shape’) and type your name
10. Select 4th icon (3 dots’) and choose ‘send’
11. Email us (info@kleersound.com) with your name, phone number, and address
12. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.
Go to App store and type ‘hearing test’
1. Select ‘mimi hearing test’ by Mimi hearing technologies and download
2. Create ID and PW, then sign in
3. Click start
4. Adjust your earphone as suggested
5. Press/release button as suggested
6. Click ‘result’
7. Select ‘audiogram in PDF file’, then it will be sent to your e-mail address
8. Email us (info@kleersound.com) the result (in PDF file) with your name, phone number, and address
9. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.