We are directly reaching out to consumers, while we offer you COMPLEMENTARY fitting. That’s how we bring you the savings and make our hearing aids affordable! We manufacture product from our own GMP certified facility in S.Korea.


Product Maintenance

General Questions

No sound?

  • Battery may be discharged
  • Battery is not properly installed
  • Receiver clogged with ear wax or material
  • Microphone hole is plugged


  • Replace Battery
  • Check the polarity of battery and insert again
  • Gently clean receiver with Brush and pick tool
  • Clean microphone with brush tool

Whistling sound from Device in the ear

  • Device didn’t seated securely in the ear
  • Eartip is too small or big


  • Insert Device securely in the ear
  • Change right sized eartip to your ear canal

Device works but not continuously

  • Low battery
  • Moisture in the Device


  • Replace battery
  • Stop Using. Open battery door. Let it dry. After completely dry, clean with brush tool


We stand by quality of our products. You may need some time to adjust yourself to new device. Therefore, we offer 90 days money back guarantee and 1 year limited product warranty. Please email us to info@kleersound.com for the arrangement.

Product Maintenance

Keep your Hearing Amplifier clean at all times.

Before retiring, clean your Hearing Amplifier.

If there is any earwax or other debris on the RECEIVER hole of Hearing amplifier, clean with BRUSH tool.

Use wax guards

Spring/Coil Wax Guard System—Do not put wax loop or anything else inside the Hearing Amplifier.

When you are not using your Hearing Amplifier- store it in the case with the battery compartment OPEN.

Do not store your Hearing Amplifier in your pocket. You may lose it.

A wax-loop and wax-brush are provided to clean the canal portion of your Hearing Amplifier. You should use these every day. Clean the top portion only.

Call for Support

* If problem persist, please contact Customer support at support@kleersound.com

We can provide fitting based on any of your on-line hearing test results (PDF/JPG file)
Please e-mail us (with your name, shipping address, and phone number) to: info@kleersound.com
Go to ‘Playstore’ and type ‘hearing test’
1. Install and open ‘Hearing test’ (by e-audiologia.pl)
2. Select ‘new test’
3. Choose ‘Bundled headphones’
4. Choose ‘Calibration'
5. ‘Start’ and press/release button as the instruction suggested
6. Complete the test for both sides
7. Repeat the test a few times for more accurate result
8. Go to ‘Browse tests’ and press the test (date & time) you wish to submit for 5 seconds
9. Select 1st icon (‘pencil shape’) and type your name
10. Select 4th icon (3 dots’) and choose ‘send’
11. Email us (info@kleersound.com) with your name, phone number, and address
12. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.
Go to App store and type ‘hearing test’
1. Select ‘mimi hearing test’ by Mimi hearing technologies and download
2. Create ID and PW, then sign in
3. Click start
4. Adjust your earphone as suggested
5. Press/release button as suggested
6. Click ‘result’
7. Select ‘audiogram in PDF file’, then it will be sent to your e-mail address
8. Email us (info@kleersound.com) the result (in PDF file) with your name, phone number, and address
9. We will do fitting based on the result and ship to you.